High performance wrapping machine. The extremely reliable that perfectly protects the load from weather.


· High quality components
· Adjustable arm rotating speed and acceleration ramp
· Number of spire pre-settable
· Automatic pallet height scan (*)
· Reel end check
· Mechanical wrap film pre-stretch
· Hem sealer (*)
· Electronic wrap film pre-stretch with frequency driver (*)
· Special execution for aggressive products (*)


The wrapper places a film top sheet over the pallet during the wrapping in order to give hermetic protection to the pallet load.


(*) optional





Enables fitment of pallet top cover for maximum protection


Power pre-stretch unit adjustable from 0 to 350%


Automatic system to hold and cut the film


Carriage system holds film and is equipped with a system to avoid breakage




W-TAB                                W-ARM

Up to 40 p/h                                 Up to 70 p/h





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