CONPACTA OM - Open Mouth Bagger



The COMPACTA-OM bagging machine is a compact fully automatic packaging system. Its design permits the bagging of powders and granules into pre-formed open-mouth bags.
The machine is specially studied to facilitate an easy cleaning.  
The bag spout is featured to allow its simple and quick change with regard to the different bag sizes.
The integrated operator panel of ultimate generation permits an easy and friendly acknowledge of the process configuration and diagnostics.
The multi-chamber magazine allows up to 4 bag piles with automatic forward feed of the full chamber in order to reduce.
The operator presence having the scope to minimize dead time and optimize the operator's functions.




The Suction cups on the automatic bag placer pick up the bottom of each bag in the bag magazine. The bag is separated from the pile and brought onto a working position. A pair of suction cups precisely opens the bag mouth. The bag placing device is positioned into the bag and stretches the bag out ready for filling.


The bag placer arms are automatically adjusted to different bag widths. The bag clamp is operated pneumatically after positioning the bag at the spout the filling process starts.
After the accurate filling the bag mouth is again stretched out and the filled bag is lowered onto the conveyor belt and the transfer device takes over the filled bag into the edges guidance to be closed. Just before the closing of the bag a de-aeration device exhausts residual air.


· Compact and sturdy design
· Simple and through machine cleaning
· Wide machine access to carry out quick and effective cleaning.
· Machine designed specially for hygienic bagging and packaging operations.
· Efficient bagging for low and middle production rates.
· Fast changeover to handle different bag dimensions.
· The machine is suitable for all common types of open mouth bags including gusseted and pinch-bottom from 5 to 50 kg.
· System to catch the dust while filling, Filter excluded.
· Machine working in Gross or Net weight mode.
· Continuous bag transfer from bag pick up to bag closing avoids product contamination.
· Reduced installation costs thanks to the integrated PLC controller.
· Simple system operation with user-friendly operator panel


The optimized design and simple clean down procedures makes the BL-OM ideal for the feed and food industries. The system flexibility and the performance of the machine allow to be integrated in other industrial sectors..
As option the machine can be implemented of :

  •  Gusset guidance
  •  De-aeration system
  •  Special possing device to optimize the filling.
  •  Standard bag marking system for empty or filled bags
  •  Standard bag closing devices







Manual bagging machine available with different feeding systems: gravity, belt, auger, etc.. both for "Net weight" and "Gross weight".
Machines are composed of: .

Bag mouth unit complete with electro pneumatic jaws and photocells

Photocell for bag detection, assembled on the bag mouth unit, actuated by operator during bag insertion.

Automatic or remote controlled bag release

This bagging system can work with different stitching devices such as sewing machines, sealing machines etc..




Net weight


  • The system is composed of:
  • Feeding hopper with level probe
  • Net weight scale (gravity, belt..)
  • Supporting structure and easy access to  the scale
  • Discharging hopper
  •  Feeding mouth assembled on discharging hopper integrated closing hooks sensor

Gross Weight


The system is composed of:

  • Feeding hopper with level probe
  • Feeding system (gravity, belt..)
  • Shutter assembled under the discharging hopper for intercepting flowing product.
  • Feeding mouth assembled on load cells integrated closing hooks sensor
  • The system is mounted on a solid structure designed to have large working spaces



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