Bags filler for valve bags

A deep knowledge of the production process and of the customers management needs, supported by first-class products and technologies and by an effective operative system,  lets to provide its users with a comprehensive service starting from the plants definition and design with solutions, very often the most suitable to the customers, with the best performance/price ratio.


Bags fillers for valve paper bags

  •  Bags filler, turbine version model BL SI
  •  Bags filler, fluidification system, model BL FF
  •  Bags filler, fluidification system and flameproof version for products with
  •  danger of explosion or spontaneous ignition. Marked  CE II 2Dc T 135¡C
  •  Volumetric fillers, model BL EC
  •  In line or at machine side, ultrasonic sealing systems for valves.

Sealing System


The sealing system in line  increase the actual valve sealing system productivity, without modification on the customer plant. It is request only a physical space between 3 and 5 meter in reference to the capacity of the machine. There are two possibilities of productivity. 1.800 bags per hour or 2.400 bags per hour. The bags that are to be used are paper bags with external sealing valve.



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