BL palletizers with fixed pallet can satisfy all requirements for low and medium production:
LF 800 for low production, having the minimum size.
LF 1200 complete with layer pre-forming unit, the high speed low level palletizers for medium production.
Thanks to the great flexibility of these palletizers it is possible to pass from the palletizing scheme to another one without any mechanical adjustment.


The complete visibility and accessibility of the whole machine and of the working cycle from each position assure the maximum safety and the possibility of immediate intervention.
The main movements motorized by inverter and the belt drives minimize noise, mechanical stresses and need of maintenance.
It is possible to set type of layer and bag dimensions from the control panel without any mechanical adjustment.


Bag pressing before turning


High performance bag turning pliers not to deform the bag before forming the layer


Layer forming operation on layer preforming unit.


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LAYOUT - LF 800                                               LAYOUT - LF 1200






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