Robot Palletizer


The anthropomorphous robots( for boxes bundles and bags  palletizing are an excellent solution both for traditional stacking patterns and for innovative ones,

Thanks to their application flexibility, it is possible to use these equipments even for concurrent lines (up to 4) for different patterns or products.  The products can be recognized and palletized in the different palletizing islands, by means of cutting-edge technological solutions.


Pincer design and construction materials are very important because, by decreasing mechanical stress, they can optimize arm operations, such as empty pallet positioning and PVC or cardboard sheets insertion, in order to stabilize load and bags.

Palletizing solution with anthropomorphous robot can reach a production capacity of 1200 bags/hour for single picking and up to 1800 for multiple picking.
Other advantages of robots are: inferior overall dimensions, reduction of energy requirements and reduction of maintenance costs.



  • Easy integration on pre-existing units
  • Pallets pick up and drop off system, by one single pincer
  • Easy and simple pincer adjusting for fitting different formats
  • Bags, boxes and bundles palletizing

Example of Layout




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