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The Apta 10 is a FFS bagging machine which uses a PE alimentary tubular film from a reel. The film is unreeled by two rubber chains. The unreeling is monitorised and controlled by encoder to determine the length of the bag. Before such chain unit, a cutter opens one side of the tubular film to allow the insertion of the liquid dosing filling nozzle. The quantity of the dosed liquid is time-controlled through a pneumatic valve. Hot sealers seal the bag.


The bagger can be used to bag water for human consumption, fruit juices, milk, wine, ice-cream mix, and products that need to be bagged on particular sterile conditions.
Sterility:the tubular film is sterile and the sealing system does not contaminate the content in any way
Flexibility: the volume of the bag can be changed continually from 1 to 15 litres. The bag size can change from 200 mm to 500 mm, through the change of the film reel and some wheel manual adjustments (operation that takes just minutes). Even without changing the reel, but by just adjusting the length of the PLC – easily interchangeable. It is possible to vary the bag size in a few seconds.
Inexpensiveness: the polyethylene bag is probably the most economical form of packaging, given that a 5 lt. bag of 130 micron thickness is about 7-8 cent of euro.
User friendly: a set standerd accessories makes it easy to use



APTA 10 is the versatile, user friendly, highly mobile, compact solution to rapidly supplying drinking water to areas that are devastated by floods, earthquakes and hurricanes.
The APTA 10 can be mounted onto a small trailer suitable for towing behind any small 4x4 vehicle
The water Treatment system can also be mounted onto a similar small trailer.
In the case of no electrical supply being available a trailer mounted generator can also be provided
An additional option is for an automatic Bag palletiser for the convenient transport and storage
A further option is to have some or all the equipment built into a 10-20- or 40ft container


The packaging system can be integrated with compact water treatment system mainly for the types of water:

Potable(municipal)water to be packed for storage
Inland surface, bore-hole or flood water(with TDS below a 1500 PPM)
Brackish/ sea water or surface water(with TDS over a1500 PPM)



*Benchmark figures based on film quality and product characteristics

Apta for liquids Containerized

Apta 10 for Water
APTA 10 for Liquid in container
Double Bag packing machine for sand and cement