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The COMPACTA Line bagging machines are tubular FFS machines, representing our medium/ high performance models.

They have been conceived to be basic and cost effective without giving-up quality and reliability, with the easy maintenance typical of the bag pendulum transport.


They can be accessorized with different feeding and weighing systems, allowing for the bagging of many different materials, such as: sand, gravel, salt, fertilizers animal feed, seeds, granulated plastic, wood pellets, etc.

Each product is handled with all necessary care to grant the reliability of a constant output.

A large variety of accessories complete the machines, making them suitable to meet all product specifications and client's needs.


The forming, the filling and the sealing of the bag are performed in sequence in three different stations operating simultaneously.


The bag forming: the length of the bag is pre-settable, through the control panel and it can be stored. In alternative a photocell can be used to read the marks on the film which define its length, and centres any printing at the same time.


The filling station is equipped with a feeding mouth which perfectly seal to the bag opening in order to avoid product spills.


The bag sealing station with impulse sealing can be accessorised with dust cleaning or air vacuum systems.

The bag TRANSFERRING is carried out by two pairs of pendulum arms, typical of the BL products, which support and accompany the bag, with their grippers, without ever leave it during each phases. With a continuous and fluid motion. It ensure low strain/vibrations, high duration and reliably.



*Benchmark figures based on film quality and product characteristics

High speed bagging COMPACTA HS
Compacta Easy ATEX with semi automatic container loading
FFS bagging machine with embedded net weigher scale on rails movable platform
High speed Compacta Easy
ATEX Directive Bagging Machine
Bagging Machine with automatic reel change
FFS vacuum pack bagging
Compacta 2500 on movable platform
Bagging machine "Compacta" mounted on air cushion
Bagging machine for sand, gravel,building materials ecc.
Bagging machine for wooden pellets
Bagging Machine and Palletizer for compound