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Robotic Cartesian Palletizer/Depalletizer


Robotic Cartesian Palletizer for bags, boxes, bundles and buckets.

Up to 500 cycles/hour with single or multiple picking gripper, as described below:

Bags: up to 500 bags/hour
Boxes or bundle: up to 2000 boxes or bundles/hour



  • Multiple product lines handling
  • Automatic format switching
  • Integrated empty pallet dispensing into gripper
  • Integrated slip sheet applicator on empty, intermediate or top of pallet
  • Standalone slip sheet dispenser on empty pallet
  • Standalone film sheet applicator with integrated stapler
  • Empty pallet centering device
  • Bag settling with press and/or square roller conveyor
  • Glue applicator
  • Servo driven bag turning device 
  • Stripping plate and layer dams module



Single bag pick gripper

Gripper for bags and bundles


Suction cups gripper for bundles and boxes

Gripper for boxes


Gripper accessories

Emply pallet picking and positioning system


Sheet applicator for robot gripper